Thursday, 10 May 2018

The Mean Fiddler Bar Attracts an Excellent Crowd in Midtown

A pub should have a fantastic cocktail menu but what really make a bar is the people visiting the pub. The mean fiddler bar attracts an excellent crowd and serves the best rum cocktails in Times Square, this bar offers everything authentic from whiskey, rum, and much more craft beer selections in midtown. This bar has a welcoming setting and a boisterous setting and they also offer some of the best craft beers while you can always enjoy the tasty selection of craft beer that they have the mean fiddler bar also offer some unusual surprises for enjoying a good quality time.


This Times square karaoke bar has a karaoke bar downstairs where all the night fun ends, the game is usually lively offering an exciting and fun filled experience and the fun continues until late in the night you can choose to have a good time while you grab a tasty craft beer to give you all the vibe you need for playing the game, while you can always have a good time singing to your best songs you can also have a good time in the Dj booth dancing to your best Irish music in midtown, this bar is also known as a nightclub offering a boisterous and fun-filled setting for all the late night action you need, whether you will be needing a tasty craft beer to enjoy a quality time or a delicious dish the mean fiddler bar has got you covered.

When it comes to delicious cuisines the mean fiddler bar has some of the best-tasting dishes you would not want to miss, they offer authentic delicacies and the delicious dishes that they serve makes this pub one of the best nightclub in midtown for having a good quality time, the menu has some tasty dishes bringing the best dishes to times square. This Times Square sports bar also offers the best sporting experience showing the best playoffs and games you don’t want to miss.

This times square party bar also offers the best private event in midtown, you can host any private occasion, party, luncheon at this Irish pub in midtown whichever occasion you choose to have the mean fiddler bar is the perfect pub in midtown to host your event.

The mean fiddler bar is just around Times Square on 266 west, 47th street offering the best activities and a lively setting for having a good time, whether you want to grab a tasty craft beer, enjoy a good Irish music or party the mean fiddler bar is the ideal Irish bar to check out. This bar opens on Mondays to Sundays from 11 am to 4 am.

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