Sunday, 24 December 2017

Where to Get A Good Night Meal in Manhattan

If you stay in Manhattan there are several things you should be able to accomplish, however, one of these things you should be knowing is where to get a good night meal. Although if you need a little help with that, I will give you cool Irish pub where you can enjoy a nicely prepared meal in a congenial setting, The Mean fiddlers is the best Irish restaurant you can find when you hope to get a good late night meal, they have a menu lists specially designed for late night food, which includes all the tasty meal you will hope to find. The mean fiddler is just around the prominent Hell's Kitchen between 7th and 8th avenue Broadway on 266 west 47th street, NY  10036.

late midnight food in midtown

The setting is downright infectious! At the mean fiddlers there is a whole lot of fun going down there, and if you don't come down to this pub then you are really missing a lot, the setting is a bubbling one, they have music playing in the night, and also DJ' s, you should  check the downstairs lounge for karaoke by Fridays and Saturdays by 10 pm, there is also the happy hour activity, where you get a 5$ selected draft and you get half  the price and there are DJs present, the drinks keep on going and ends at about 8 pm. The lunch service is great, Monday through Sunday, there is the free bud light or Coors light draft is set at the bar to give your lunch a unique feel.

There are the food and beer menu lists that offer you many brands of beer to choose from, and also nicely prepared dishes that you can go with, the timing is indeed excellent, if you prefer dinner there is a specially prepared menu list that you can choose from, and you can also make reservations, you can choose a cozy table or gather your gang for a vibrant feast-your perfect dining experience. The mean fiddler has a space that is perfect for any event that you want, when looking for private events midtown let the mean fiddlers be your choice.

The mean fiddler opens seven times in a week from 11 am to 4 a, it is the ideal spot to check when looking for late midnight food in midtown.

Friday, 22 December 2017

The Ideal Spot for Private Events in Midtown

Which other night clubs in Manhattan can match the mean fiddlers there is whole lot of  fun and party going down at the mean fiddlers, the mean fiddlers restaurant is one of  the best nightclub spots in midtown, they are known for the lively and fun atmosphere, this Irish pub in Midtown has really helped shift the Manhattan's culture to a desirable standard, they have a lot of crazy stuff for you, you will be wowed by this restaurant/nightclub, the mean fiddlers has a reputation for fun and boisterous activities, you will certainly love this bar, it is one of its kind in Manhattan..


The mean fiddlers have the best karaoke and the action is always in the downstairs lounge and it starts late in the night, you will definitely love the karaoke in the mean fiddlers. When it comes to drinking, the mean fiddlers restaurant are ready to give you the best drinks on the menu and they have a good happy hour special to go along with the list of tasty liquors, the mean fiddlers are ready to give you half the price of every 5 dollar cocktail draft.

What makes the mean special is that they have flat screen TV's that will cater for customers who love sports, so you can always join the game, the mean fiddlers is a really cool place for those that love the activities and fun vibe the restaurant gives you, they play a good selection of music genres, and also they play good Irish music as a tribute to their origin, the mean fiddlers is a real fun place to be in, with DJ's and a dance floor that can conveniently take about 225 people, you should be impressed. In case you have a party and you are looking for the ideal place in midtown, you can go with the mean fiddlers.

The mean fiddlers have enough space to take care of any occasion of your taste, do you want a big or small occasion, the mean fiddlers restaurant is ready to give you an awesome occasion that you want, you can always book a private party, it is the ideal spot for private events in midtown.
The mean fiddler is right in the heart of times squares on 266 west, 47th street in New York, the restaurant is open every day and you can come over between 11 am to 4 am.

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

The Mean Fiddle Offers Best Food and Drinks

If you have not been to the mean fiddlers for a late night food then you are missing out on one of the best late night meal you will find in midtown, the mean fiddlers is a newly opened pub in Manhattan that offers you the best food and drinks. Part of the mean Fiddler dates back to an olden day's style presenting you in a modernized form, the mean fiddler is only blocks away from the Times Square and it has proven to be one of the stylish bars in not only hell's kitchen but New York as a whole.

ice hockey bar in new york city

The mean fiddler is an Irish themed pub that has the best ambience you can ever think of, the setting is one that assures you a good time, they have the best Karaoke in midtown, you should check the downstairs lounge on Fridays and Saturdays in the night, how about sports, the mean fiddler has a lot in store for you, there are big TV screens all around you to give you the best experience. One thing you should not miss is their late night food, with freshly made salad, sandwiches, and burgers on the list.

Happy hours are the best, you get a lot of beer for 4$ bud light and 6 $ cocktails all made to you, starting from 11 am to 4 pm every day, the mean fiddler bar has many in store for you, you definitely don't  want to miss the happy hours. When it comes to private events, you can always bring your private event or any occasion to the mean fiddlers, they have the space required to make your event a good one, is it a small party, meeting or even big corporate events, the mean fiddlers is the ideal place, or reservations for lunch, dinner or brunch.

This fabulous Irish pub is just between the 7th and 8th avenue on 266 West 47th street, NY, the mean Fiddlers pub gives you nonstop refreshing experience as the bar opens 7 days in a week from 11 in the morning to 4 the next morning. It is true that Manhattan has the best late night food, but the mean fiddler Irish pub has gone over the top to serve you the best late night food you will find in midtown.

Irish Pub That Brings You Crafted Cocktails

Which Irish pub brings you crafted cocktails and style in NYC other than the mean fiddlers, the mean fiddlers is a fabulous Irish restaurant that has proven to be on top the game, they present to you everything fresh ranging from their beer selection to nice cuisines on the list and an atmosphere that celebrates a fun and action vibe, you also don't want to miss the good Irish music they play, the best in midtown. You can call it a boisterous sports bar with DJs at night and a menu of American and 
and Irish pub grub.


It is a nice spot to hang out with friends and watch a match, you will enjoy every bit of your time at the mean fiddlers, and there are big TV screens that will give you a good view, it is only at the mean fiddlers you will get surprises for you, they have the best happy hours, karaoke which takes place downstairs on Fridays and Saturdays, starting at 10 pm, the lunch special also is one to give a shot. This New York party palace is the best place to check out when looking for a nightclub in NYC, they have two bars and DJ's, you will get to dance and have a wonderful experience, there is no dull moment at the mean fiddlers, it is really a nice spot to chill out and relax.

When it comes to private events, the mean fiddlers have a nice setting that can be used for any occasion that you want, is it a small birthday party, meeting, wedding party or even a reservation for lunch, the mean fiddlers is the best choice for your occasion of any size, you can always contact them when you want to. This bar is just close to the Times Square, situated at 266 west 47th street, NY 10036 between the 7th and 8th avenue, N or R train to 49 street 7th avenue, Cor E to 50 street 8th avenue or 1 or 9 to 50 street 8 avenue. The mean fiddlers open 7 days a week that is from 11 am to 4 am. The mean fiddler is indeed the best Irish pub to have a nice time in Manhattan.

Friday, 15 December 2017

Best Entertainment in Midtown Manhattan

If you want an upscale karaoke experience, the mean fiddlers got all the fixings, ranging from DJ booths, funky vintage d├ęcor and an open bar drink deal for those who need all the liquid courage they can get to ease their performance anxiety, the mean fiddlers brings you a fun and lively experience to midtown. You should check the downstairs lounge, it is the best karaoke in midtown, asides karaoke, the mean fiddlers still have many surprises for you, and they have nice cocktails and beer on the list with happy hours when you get half the price for a drink.
DJ's for night events

The mean fiddlers is just around you in Manhattan and it is right in Hell's Kitchen, on 266 west 47th street, NY between the 7th and 8th avenue, they also have DJ's for night events and their bar can take about 225 people. It is also an ideal spot to watch and live match and playoffs, you can join the football mayhem for Sunday NFL games, as a sports fan you will definitely not want to miss live games shown on big TV screens in a congenial atmosphere like the mean fiddlers.

One thing that also makes this restaurant a fun place to be in, is that they are incredible at night, If you want to enjoy the karaoke it starts on Friday night and Saturday night at 10 pm, this pub has the style and vibe fit for a nightclub in midtown, they have a lot of activities going down at night and you will also not want to miss the live Irish music they play or the exciting menu offers.

They have the perfect space for any event that you want with a DJ booth that takes 225 people, whether it's to celebrate your birthday, an office party or to just have a great time with friends, they bring you the best entertainment in Midtown Manhattan has to offer. They will handle everything while you make memories by having a good time with your friends, family or co-workers.

They open 7 times in a week and from 11 in the morning to 4 in the morning, they give you the have the best drinks and experiences you do not want to miss, this Irish pub is a very nice place to hang out and have a good time.

Friday, 1 December 2017

Mean Fiddler Restaurant for DJs Music Near You

The mean fiddler restaurant should be your spot to hang out when you need a lively and beautiful atmosphere, you get to enjoy an extensive beer menu and food menu, the music is played a few evenings every week which makes for a congenial atmosphere, if you are a big fan of sports, guess what? You get to watch sporting events on big screens.

New England's patriot’s pub

This hell’s kitchen has a wild bar that assures you late night activity a party/sport bar with extraordinary dj's, what else is better than a bar that gives a sense of adventure while also giving you richly made beer and delicious affordable meal,  you are offered a blend of Irish American hospitality and excellent Guinness. A dynamic food menu selection offering you different lists of food to choose on a daily basis,   your own particular Irish bar that gives you a remarkable blend of neighborliness, individuals, unrecorded music and DJs.

The Mean Fiddler has the perfect space to host maybe a small get together, parties or large events, you will get your birthdays, corporate events, lunches and other private event taken care of, a total space that can take about 225 people, which hell’s kitchen has its own unusual surprises that gives a certain originality, offering you five special features (happy hours), a time when you get half priced cocktails, (karaoke) downstairs lounge by 10 pm (sports) you get to watch all sporting events and playoffs and (lunch specials) free bud light and Coors light draft with lunch giving you a stylish lunch adding an exciting flair from Monday through Sundays.

Their customers are treated like kings and they will make sure they get acquainted with their clients
The mean fiddler restaurant opens 7 days in a week from 11 am to 4 AM, the New England's patriot’s pub is near you in NYC situated at 266 w 47th street, 10036 between 7th and 8th avenue.